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Ques: A triangle can be formed when the sum of its 2 sides is greater than the third side

Ans : True

Question 2: To start with the construction of a square we have to construct the angle of ——–

Ans : 900

Question 3 : A triangle ABC can be constructed in which AB = 10 cm, Angle Y = 450 and BC + AC = 15 cm.

Ans : False

Question 4: Which of the following angle is not possible to construct with the help of a ruler and a compass?

Ans : 200

Question 5 : A triangle ABC can be constructed in which angle B is equals to 1000 and angle C is equals to 900 and AB + BC + AC = 14 cm.

Ans : True

Question 6: To draw an angle of 750, we have to draw the bisector between which two angles?

Ans : 600 and 900

Question 7: An angle 50.50 can be constructed with the help of ruler and compass.

Ans : False

Question 8: The major of each angle of an equilateral triangle is

Ans: 600

Question 9: The construction of triangle XYZ, given that YZ is equals to 7 cm, Angle Y is equals to 450 is possible when difference of XZ and XY is equal to

Ans: 6 cm

Question 10: If two perpendicular lines are drawn on either side of a line segment then the two lines are ———- two each other.

Ans: Perpendicular

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