Data Handling Class 7 Notes Maths | StusyTution

  • The information collected in the form of numbers is called Data.
  • Data is organised and represented graphically so that it becomes easy to understand and interpret.
  • The difference between the highest and lowest observations in a given data is called its Range.
  • The average or Arithmetic Mean or mean of a given data is defined as : Mean = Sum of all observations /Number of observations
  • Mode is the observation that occurs most frequently in the data.
  • If each of the values in a data are occurring one time (or equal number of times), then all are mode. Sometimes, we also say that this data has no mode since none of them is occurring frequently.
  • When the given data is arranged in ascending (or descending) order, then the middle most observation is the median of the data.
  • Mean, median and mode are the representative values of a group of observations.
  • They are also called the measures of central tendency of the data.
  • The representation of the data in the form of rectangles (bars) of uniform width is called a Bar Graph.
  • A double bar graph can be used to compare informations related to two data.
  • The situation that may or may not happen, have a chance of happening.
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