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Chapter Sketch

In this story (Going Places), Barton explores the theme of adolescent fantasising and hero worship through the character of Sophie, a young teenage girl from a lower middle class family. Sophie is a daydreamer. Her family and friends try to stop her daydreaming and help her from time to time, but she keeps on building castles in the air. When reality hits her, all her dreams appear to be shattered. The author has thus emphasised the aspirations and ideals of the modern young generation, at the same time highlighting the pain of unfulfilled promises and unrealised dreams.

About the Character


She is a highly ambitious lower middle-class adolescent girl, living in a world of dreams and fantasy.


She is Sophie’s close friend and very practical about their status. But she is a gossip, according to Sophie.

Danny Casey

A talented footballer who is the local hero and idolised by Sophie.


He is the hardworking elder brother of Sophie who is a sports enthusiast and confidant of his sister’s desires and fantasies.

Sophie’s father

He is hardworking, practical and wants. to provide better facilities for his family.

Summary of the Chapter

Daydreamer Sophie

Sophie is returning home from school accompanied by her friend Jansie. She tclis Jansie that she dreams of owning a boutique after leaving school. Jansie, who is not a dreamer like her, tries to reason that such i thing requires a lot of money. Sophie replies that she would become a manager till then and save the money needed for the boutique. Jansie again contradicts her childish dreams by saying that she will not be made a manager straight off. Sophie keeps on dreaming about her boutique and says that it will be the best in the city. jansie knows that they both are destined to work in the biscuit factory. She is quite practical and is aware of the realities of life. She wishes that Sophie too comes down to reality. But this doesn’t bother Sophie, who quite suddenly says that she would then become an actress. As actresses do not work full time, she would he able to manage her boutique as well in spite of jansie’s advice the it she should riot indulge in fantasy, Sophic kt-cps on kihhling hcing ,ictres-s or a fashion designer.

Sophie’s Family also Rubbishes her Dreams

Sophie enters her house talking about money. She belongs to a lower middle class family. Her father retorts by saying that if she ever manages to get some money, she should buy a decent house first. Her little brother Derek mocks her by saying that she thinks money grows on
trees. Sophie’s mother sighs at her daughter’s fantasies.

Sophie notices her mother bending over the sink. Her back has become somewhat bowed with the burden of household work. Their small house is steamy from the stove and dirty dishes are piled up in the corner. Sophie feels a tightening in her throat and goes to look for her brother Geoff.

Sophie is Jealous of Geoff’s Silence

Geoff is tinkering with a part of his motorcycle in the ext room. He has been out of school for almost three years, and now works as an appentice mechanic. Sophie ponders over the areas of his life about which he has never spoken.

Her meeting with Casey was a chance encounter. She wanted his autograph for her younger brother Derek, but neither of them had a paper or pen. Casey and Sophie started talking about the clothes at the Royce’s. They decided to meet next week and Casey promised to give her an autograph then. Geoff doesn’t seem to believe her. She gives him details about his physical appearance to make her meeting sound realistic.

Geoff Shares the Story with their Father

Geoff is finally convinced into believing her story and he shares it with their father. Her father’s disbelief annoys her, and she adds even more embellishments to her story to make it sound credible. The father and Geoff start discussing about the abilities of Danny Casey. Her father rubbishes Sophie’s claims and warns her that one day she will land herself in trouble because of her wild stories.

The Family Goes to Watch the Match

Sophie, Derek and their father sit down near the goal while Geoff, as usual, sits up higher with his friends. United win the match, thanks to the Irish genius, Casey. Sophie meets Jansie and gets surprised by the fact that Jansie knows about the meeting with Casey. She gets angry with Geoff for blurting out her secret. Sophie is worried that if her father gets to know about this, then she will be in trouble. She is relieved to know that Jansie has no idea about the date. Sophie explains to Jansie that the meeting was incidental and she doesn’t want anybody to know about it. Jansie assures Sophie that she can be trusted.

Sophie’s Dream is Shattered

Sophie waits for Danny Casey at her favourite spot along the canal. She has always imagined such a perfect date. While waiting, she imagines Casey coming along the river. She tries to strike a balance between her dream world and reality. The thought of his not coming starts making her sad. Sophie gets miserable at the thought of explaining all this to her family. Geoff would be disappointed and others would doubt her. She doesn’t want to live with the burden of truth. Still she doesn’t want to give up her dream.

Sophie Lives her Dream

Sophie once again dreams of meeting Casey at Royce. She asks for an autograph. But they don’t have a pen. She imagines his physical appearance. She fails to differentiate her dream from reality. She keeps waiting in the arcade for a long time, remembering Casey’s soft melodious voice and the shimmer of his eyes. As Casey was quite young, Sophie idolised him as her hero. She saw him in a match and, in fact, this was the only time she had seen him.

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