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  • Your movement should be strictly limited to a single room in the house, preferably with an attached toilet that no one else should use.
  • No visitors should be allowed
  • Wear a surgical mask all the time and it should be changed every 6-8 hours.
  • These masks must never be reused, and be treated as if they are infected


  • If another family member must enter your room, they should maintain at least 1 to 3-metre distance from you.
  • Only one family member should be assigned to care for you in this period
  • The ‘contact person’ should always wear a mask around you, wear gloves and never let their skin come in contact with any surface touched by you.
  • They must also wash their hands after removing their gloves


  • Elderly, pregnant women, children and persons with co-morbidities within the household should be kept at maximum possible distance from you.
  • They should not come in contact with your living space
  • Everyone in the house must wash their hands as often as possible thoroughly with soap and water or frequently use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser


  • Any linen or clothes worn by you should never come in direct contact with anyone else.
  • Disposable gloves must be used when washing utensils. Utensils such as dishes, drinking glasses, cups etc should not be shared with others in the family
  • Used masks during quarantine should be disinfected and then disposed by either burning or deep burial


  • ¬†In case you order food or any other item while under quarantine, you must pay for it online so you don’t swap currency bills with anyone.
  • Ask the delivery person to leave the item outside your door to minimise the risk of infecting the deliveryperson


  • In case you become symptomatic, all your close contacts must be home quarantined.
  • You should immediately call the govt helplines so officials can have you rushed to a hospital as soon as possible

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