Intoduction to Mathematical Data Science | StudyTution

Ques: Why are we studying mathematics in data science course?

Ans : It is because data science actually combines mathematics, statistics and computing.

  • Lines represent linear equation
  • Quadric equation have a square term if we draw them then they look like a parabola.
  • So, if we look at quadric equation and then we will generalize to a higher power so these are what we called polynomials.
  • So these are all functions which we can draw as graphs in the sense of coordinate geometry but we can analyze them in different way.
  • Functions which are not polynomial they grow very fast and that are exponentials and those that grow vey slowly are logarithm.
  • Graphs like a map of an airline timetable have nodes representing the points of interest and edges representing connections.
  • Example is road network or an airline network, but these edges can also represent other relations.
  • For example we can think of organization and the no for employs and the manager they report. So we will look at graphs.


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