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Rural Administration

  • Measuring the land and maintaining the records is the main work of the Patwari- known by different names in different states – in some villages, such officers are called Lekhpal-Kanungo or Karamchari or Village Officer and so on. Each Patwari -responsible for a group of villages-maintains and updates the records of the village-has ways of measuring agricultural fields.
  • Patwari is responsible for organising the collection of land revenue from the farmers-provides information to the government about the crops grown in this area-done from the records that are kept-so, it’s important for the Patwari to regularly update these as farmers may change the crop they grow or someone may dig a well somewhere- revenue department of the government keep track of all this -Senior people in this department supervise the Patwari’s work.
  • Every state in India is divided into districts-for managing matters relating to land, these districts are further sub-divided- subdivisions of a district are known by different names such as tehsil, taluka and so on.
  • At the head is the District Collector-under her revenue officers, also known as tehsildars hear disputes-supervise the work of the Patwaris-ensure that records are properly kept-land revenue is collected.-make sure that the farmers can easily obtain a copy of their record-students can obtain their caste certificates and more.
  • Tehsildar’s office is where land disputes are also heard.

A New Law

(Hindu Succession Amendment Act, 2005)

  • Farmers who own land are mostly men-Women work in the fields, but not own agricultural land.
  • In some states, Hindu women did not get a share in the family’s agricultural land.
  • After the death of the father his property was divided equally only among his sons.
  • Recently, the law was changed.
  • As per the new law, sons, daughters and their mothers get an equal share in the land and the same law applies to all states and union territories of the country.
  • This law will benefit a large number of women.
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