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definitions of statistics
  • It tells us statistics is the art of learning from data which includes collection of data, analysis of data, presentation of data, and then, drawing conclusions from data.
  • we are going to look at how you collect data So, that is one of the main things which we will do.
  • Some of the graphical techniques that you would learn are bar charts, pie charts, histograms, stem leaf plots etcetera.
  • The measures of central tendency; namely, mean, median and mode and the measures of variation; namely, range, variance, standard deviation.
  • statistics is the art of using data to draw conclusions.
  • So, you want to infer something from data.
  • this lays the playground for you to go next level which is inferential statistics.
What do I mean by building block to understand inferential statistics?
  • We motivate this through a small introduction to the probability theory.
  • When we go to probability theory, we start by what we mean by permutation and combinations.
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