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As people slowly begin to understand the enormity and seriousness of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) that has brought the world to a grinding halt, India finds itself at a crossroads, with experts suspecting that community transmission is likely to follow. So far, the world has seen over 200,000 cases, more than 10,000 deaths, of which over 88,000 have recovered.

This week, as the world shifts gears, in lieu of a book, we recommend one of the world’s leading scientific journals, Nature, first published in 1869. Nature is repository of all things science — from the significant discoveries and findings to in-depth analyses of challenges that societies face in an increasingly volatile world. In its latest issues, readers can find articles which address key questions, provide updates, and offer deep insights into Covid-19.

To learn about the world, dive into the archives and older issues. It will help change one’s understanding of science, and how the world got to this point.

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