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Urban Administration

  • Municipal Corporation-takes care of street lights, garbage collection, water supply-keep the streets and the market clean-responsible for ensuring that diseases do not break out in the city-run schools, hospitals and dispensaries.-makes gardens and maintain them.
  • In a big city-is called a Municipal Corporation.
  • In smaller towns, it is called a Municipal Council.

The Ward Councillor and Administrative Staff

  • Decisions like where a park or a new hospital should go-usually made by the Ward Councillors-city divided into different wards-ward councillors get elected-decisions that affect the entire city taken by groups of councillors-form committees to decide and debate issues-for problems within a ward people can contact their councillors-Councillor’s Committees and the councillors decide on issues-Commissioner and the administrative staff implement these-Commissioner and the administrative staff are appointed-Councillors are elected.
  • All Ward Councillors meet – make a budget and the money is spent according to this-Ward Councillors try to ensure that the particular demands of their wards are placed before the entire council-decisions are implemented by the administrative staff- work in the city is divided into different departments-water department, the garbage collection department, a department to look after gardens, another to look after roads-garbage lying all over the street if uncollected attracts dogs, rats and flies- people get ill from the smell.

Municipal Corporation

  • In recent times, the Commissioners of several municipalities across the country hired private contractors to collect and process garbage- Sub-Contracting-work that was earlier being done by government workers is now being done by private company-contract workers get paid less- their jobs are temporary-Collecting garbage is a dangerous job- these contract workers do not have any access to safety measures and are not taken care of if they are injured while working.
  • Municipal Corporation was the one who suggested to people that they have two dustbins at home to sort out their garbage, thus reducing their work.
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